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How to buy safe in Toronto

Some basic tips on how to buy safes Before purchasing a safe Greater Locksmith recommend doing a quick online search and reading about the various types of safes the Toronto market has to offer. Indeed there  are endless types of … Read more

Keeping Your Keys Safe

5 Tips on How to Prevent Losing Your Car Keys Car keys are very small objects that can create a ton of havoc if they get lost. The last place you want to lose your keys in when you’re trying … Read more

How to Pick a Brampton Locksmith

Working With the Best Brampton Locksmiths! When it comes to choosing a locksmith in the Brampton area, there are literally pages full of them. It can be very difficult choosing the right locksmith. You should always feel comfortable with the locksmith company … Read more

Mississauga Security Tips

How to Stay Safe at your home in Mississauga There is nothing as important as feeling secure in your own environment. Whether it’s in your home or in your office, you must be fully secured. There are many different security measures … Read more

Staying Safe at Home facts about home security

3 facts  about home security When it comes to protecting your family at home, you will go to great measures to ensure their safety. There is nothing more important than peace of mind at home. Your home should always be well-protected … Read more

Biaxial Vs. Bi-Level Comparison

The Main Differences  between Bi-axial vs. Bi-Level Locks There is nothing more important than feeling safe. There are many different types of high security locks available, but we’re going to examine two of them. These particular types of locks are known … Read more

How to Check a Locksmith’s Credentials

Here some tips on how to Check a Locksmith’s Credentials Do Some Research  Choosing the right locksmith company is extremely important. You need to be sure that the locksmith company you are choosing, has the proper credentials and certifications. In addition … Read more

Is Your Home Really Secure?

Find out how secure is your home There is nothing as important as protecting your family and keeping them safe at home. It all begins by taking extra precautions when securing your home. A simple door lock will just not … Read more


CCTV Tips What Is a CCTV? CCTV or Closed Circuit Television, are the surveillance cameras that watch over your home or office, 24 hours a day. It is a private video monitoring system which involves a network of cameras and … Read more

High Security Locks

High Security Locks How Secure Are Your Locks? Whether you’re at home or at the office, you need to have locks you can trust. Did you know that it takes the average thief less than a few dollars to get … Read more

Types of Safes

Types of Safes How Safe Are Your Possessions? No matter how valuable your possessions are, the bottom line is keeping them safe. There are many types of safes, each with their own unique task of keeping your items and valuables … Read more

Toronto Safe Experts

Toronto Safe Experts Our security safes could be one of the most valuable possessions we have, along with their contents. That’s why it’s not unusual for us to panic if something goes wrong with them, such as when their doors … Read more

Guide to Home Safes in Toronto

Guide to Home Safes in Toronto At this age when anybody can just break in to your home and steal everything that you’ve worked hard for, you have to improve your security systems big time. One of the most effective … Read more

Toronto Safes Tips

Toronto Safes Tips Can you really trust someone these days? As the world undergoes financial crisis, and as each of us has his own personal problems to settle, the temptation to rob, burglarize homes, or steal information for personal gains … Read more

Hamilton Locksmith and Security

There was a time in Hamilton when a Hamilton locksmith was ever ready to help people who had locked themselves out. In those days, they were supposed to know all mechanical issues that came with lockouts. How technology has changed … Read more

Mobile Locksmith Toronto

Mobile Locksmith in Toronto A couple of months ago, in a small article there was the story of a government official who was locked in his car for over eight hours and could not get out until a mobile locksmith … Read more

Car Locksmith for the Person in the Distress

Car Locksmith 101 A car locksmith is as important as your computer technician when you send in your computer for repair due to a virus attack or some malware lurking around. And you should always keep his number in your … Read more