Bi-axial Vs. Bi-Level

The Main Differences  between Bi-axial vs. Bi-Level Locks

There is nothing more important than feeling safe. There are many different types of high security locks available, but we’re going to examine two of them. These particular types of locks are known as Bi-axial and Bi-Level. Before we delve a bit deeper into the differences between a Bi-axial and a Bi-Level lock, let’s get a better perspective on exactly what they are. Both locks are manufactured by Medeco, which produces the most secure locks in the world. Bi-axial high security locks are recognized by their distinct etching, which includes a trademark. Bi-Level locks, on the other hand, are not high security, and can be noted by their distinct M3B etching on the top left side of the lock. Both locks are commonly used to protect at the door level having anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-picking mechanisms.

Medeco decided to start producing Bi-Level locks due to the high costs of the Bi-axial lock. They managed to incorporate all the functions that the Bi-axial high security lock carried with it. The main objective of any high security lock is to prevent burglars from accessing your property or valuables. Medeco found great success with the addition of the Bi-Level security lock. Before you make any decisions to purchase any of these locks, you should know the differences first.  The only thing that both locks have in common is that they both restrict key duplication. It’s very important to distinguish both types of locks before having a professional locksmith install them for you. You should generally consult with a certified locksmith and ask their opinion. You might just need a simple Bi-Level lock, depending on the type of location and your security needs.

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