FL1913-C Depository safe

FL1913-C Depository safe

Looking for USCAN FL1913-C Depository safe

The USCAN FL Series depository safes are designed to oer management versatility. Providing ability
for immediate deposits and secure storage for cash, jewellery, and miscellaneous valuables.
Deposits are made through a front-loading deposit door.


  • UL Rated Group II Mechancial Lock with Spy-Proof Dial
  • Front Loading
  • Finish: Powder Coated Black
  • Anchoring Hardware Included


  • Exterior Dimensions:18-7/8″ H X 13-3/8″ W X 14-7/8″ D
  • Interior Dimensions: 9-1/2″ H X 13″ W X 12-1/4″ D
  • Weight : 122lbs
  • Door Thickness: 1/2”
  • Body Thickness:1/4”
  • Locking Bolt Diameter: (5 X) 7/8”