Important Business & Home Security Tips – Greater Locksmith

Are you doing enough to ensure the security of your home or business?

Greater Locksmith offers some helpful tips to improve the security of your home and business:

General locksmith tips

* Remove trees and branches close to your home that could give burglars access to upper levels.
* Use electrical timers to turn lights and appliances on and off when no one is home.
* When vacationing, ask a neighbor to park his or her car in your driveway.
* Never place the box from the new big screen television or other costly item on the curb for trash pickup. Instead, cut up the box and tie it with string. This is to make sure that the product is not easily identified.

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Doors Locksmith Tips

* Use deadbolt locks that extend at least 1 inch into the strike plate.
* Make sure that all entrance doors have a solid core.
* Locks on the inside of the door should be at least 40 inches from glass.
* It is highly recommended that you rekey your locks after you move in.

Windows Locksmith Tips

* Curtains or blinds should fully cover windows.
* Basement windows should have security bars
* Make sure the area around windows is not concealed.

Garage Doors Locksmith Tips

* Upgrade your fixed-code to a remote system with a control unit.
* Equip your garage door with a locking device in addition to the garage door opener (for example: hasps and padlocks on the outside and inside).
* Keep the garage always closed; sometimes garages contain tools that can be used to open the connecting door to your house.
* Make sure that the outside swing door entrance to your garage is equipped with appropriate locks.

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