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When you find yourself in need of a locksmith, Greater Locksmith’s certified technicians are the best in the area! With fair and honest prices, we’ll have your locks back to new in no time at all.

Here, at Greater Locksmith, we spend a great deal of time and energy focusing on our customers, helping them understand the type of locksmith services we provide, our prices, and how our locksmith technicians can assist them most effectively.

Below we have compiled a list of several of the most common questions we are asked daily.

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Q: What is a certified locksmith?

A: A certified locksmith is an individual trained in the field of locksmithing and who is registered with the State. Having completed a series of background checks and presenting his or her license to the necessary government offices (usually the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services), the locksmith is deemed certified by the government and is legally allowed to perform all locksmith services within the selected state of province. An individual who does not pass the necessary background checks or a licensing exam is not considered a locksmith. The performance of locksmith services by a locksmith without the necessary certification and government approval is illegal.

Q: When should I call a locksmith?

A: Many individuals contact a locksmith when they find themselves in an emergency situation: locked out of a house, car, need a new car key, etc. Yet the list of services locksmiths provide is much greater than that. Locksmiths can assist you with changing your locks or rekeying your locks, assisting with alarm installation and security bar panic devices, or even helping crack safes. Contact your locksmith today to figure out what type of services they provide and always keep their number on file. After all, if you need a locksmith (especially in an emergency), you don’t want to spend hours looking for a locksmith that can help! Have a reliable, certified locksmith on hand at all hours.

Q: What is the Better Business Bureau and how is it connected to the locksmith industry?

A: The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a national conglomerate that ensures that companies and organizations meet a certain standard of customer satisfaction, quality of product, and level of service. With a BBB accredited company, customers have a national guarantee that the organization in question is conducting its business practices to the highest standard available. It further alerts the public against fraud and customer liabilities and ensures ethical business practice. Greater Locksmith is a certified member of the Better Business Bureau.

Q: How does a locksmith calculate prices?

A: A locksmith calculates prices based on three parts: service, labor and materials. Almost all certified locksmiths will have an initial service fee which includes the technician coming to you. This is considered standard as the locksmith comes directly to your house or car – this costs him or her time and money and, thus, is part of the cost. The second part of the price would be the labor. This price is entirely variable and depends exactly on what type of service is being provided. Often a locksmith can give a customer a price quote but the exact labor cost will be dependent on the difficulty of the service provided. If you need one pick lock rekeyed, the price should not be very high. However, if you are changing multiple high security locks and additionally having your house rekeyed, you can expect a decent labor charge as these procedures are much more difficult. The last part of the charge is the materials. If you just have a door unlocked, there should be no material charge. However, if you need a lock rekeyed or replaced, the price will depend on what type of materials are needed. Most locksmiths should come with a few different lock options and depending on which type of lock you choose (heavy duty locks are more expensive), the price will reflect that decision. Talk with your locksmith and see exactly what the pricing options are.

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Q: How long does it take for a locksmith to get to my location?

A: Here, at Greater Locksmith, the estimated time of arrival for a locksmith to get to directly to your location is approximately *30 minutes (*traffic dependable). Naturally traffic, construction and weather are out of our control, yet the locksmith will always contact you when he is on his way over to assist you. If you schedule an appointment (which is often recommended especially for larger jobs, such as multiple lock re-keys or lock installations), a time frame will be given of approximately an hour or two.

Naturally, not every question has been answered here. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to give us a call at (888) 565-7595.

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