CCTV & Access Control Services in Toronto

Greater Locksmith Specializes in CCTV Cameras Installation

Greater Locksmith Toronto offers professional CCTV cameras and access control system installation literally around the clock. These systems are a necessity where careful surveillance of one’s property is required. Operating 24/7, we also specialize in home security systems, wireless alarm system installation &  security camera system repair.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are installed to deter and record criminal behavior and unwanted intruders. The presence of CCTV security systems acts as a remarkable deterrent to criminal behavior and offers increased chances of identification if a crime is committed.

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Greater Locksmith Toronto Services Include:

  • CCTV installation and repair
  • Home security systems
  • Wireless alarm systems
  • Video security systems
  • Security camera installation
  • Home alarm systems
  • 4CH DVR
  • 8CH DVR
  • 16CH DVR
  • Plastic dome cameras
  • Video monitoring

Additionally, CCTV services help with crime prevention/evidence, industrial processes, traffic monitoring, transport safety, computerized monitoring from remote locations and closed circuit digital photography.

Greater Locksmith service locations include Toronto, London, Mississauga, Hamilton, Vaughan, Burlington, Ottawa and Calgary.

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