Staying Safe at Home 

3 facts  about home security

When it comes to protecting your family at home, you will go to great measures to ensure their safety. There is nothing more important than peace of mind at home. Your home should always be well-protected at all times. Burglars have a very limited time frame to accomplish their task. That’s why it’s crucial that you understand how their mind works, in order to help prevent your home from being burglarized. Here are 3 statistics about home security that you should be aware of: 

  • It Takes Between 8-12 Minutes To Burglarize a House – The average burglar spends approximately 10 minutes exploring your home. They have a clear idea on what they want, and can’t afford to waste precious time searching for things. A home security system is triggered when a burglar attempts to enter the house. Most burglars will not bother entering a well-protected home. The more security measures you take, the less chance an anxious burglar considers breaking in.
  • The Majority of Burglaries Occur Between 10 am – 3 pm – Burglars choose the time of day where everyone is at work, and the children are in school. An unsecure home can give a burglar more than enough time to have a field day. That’s why it’s imperative you take all proper security measures. Before leaving your house, make sure that all alarm systems are fully activated, all windows are locked, and doors are fully closed. Motion sensors are highly recommended, and extremely affordable as well. You should also make sure that all spare keys are out of visible reach for burglars.

The Master Bedroom Is The Main Target – Burglars know where the jackpot is. Most people keep their valuables in their master bedroom,

  • and usually in their closet. It’s highly recommended that you install a floor safe to prevent burglars from gaining easy access to your valuables. You might want to consider installing a CCTV surveillance camera throughout parts of your home. The surveillance camera will be able to track and monitor all movements that occur within the house or outside the house. Never leave valuables in places where the burglars can find them, like on a coffee table.

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