What Is a CCTV?

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television, are the surveillance cameras that watch over your home or office, 24 hours a day. It is a private video monitoring system which involves a network of cameras and monitors directly connected on a closed circuit. The starting point for any CCTV system must be the camera. The camera creates the picture that will be transmitted to the control position. Apart from special designs, CCTV cameras are not fitted with a lens. The lens must be provided separately and screwed onto the front of the camera. There is a standard screw thread for CCTV cameras. The importance of knowing which CCTV is right for you, lies within the hands of a well experienced technician.

Why Do I Need a CCTV?

By setting up a network of CCTV cameras on your premises, many locations can be viewed from a single monitor, thus decreasing your need for expensive and unnecessary surveillance cameras that just don’t capture all the action going on outside your building or office. There are a few things you need to check before buying that CCTV. Does the camera have a full set up menu allowing the engineer to set it up for its installation conditions accurately? Does the camera function at night? What length cable is most suitable for your office or building? These questions should easily be addressed by a knowledgeable technician. Often a DVR which stands for Digital Video Recorder, is used in the installation so that you can plug the cameras into the back and record all the CCTV footage and have the time and date stamped into recording so it could be used in evidence by the police if required. At GTA Locksmith, we place your safety above anything else!

Why Choose Greater Locksmith?

It takes a very skillful technician to install that state of the art CCTV system. That magical eye has to carefully record anything going on outside your establishment. We have the best technology to ensure the highest quality services. We also have emergency technicians that are on call 24 hours a day to help you out. We take great pleasure and pride in our elite customer feedback levels. We won’t leave until the job gets done. Give us a call today to find out more about our other security systems and high security locks. We also provide a 2 year guarantee on all of our work. Your safety is our top priority here at GTA.