Types of Safes

How Safe Are Your Possessions?

No matter how valuable your possessions are, the bottom line is keeping them safe. There are many types of safes, each with their own unique task of keeping your items and valuables well preserved. Whether you are storing valuable jewellery, passports, bank statements or money, you can’t afford to simply put them under your bed in a shoebox. There is a certain amount of risk in leaving your valuables out in the open. We provide you with the highest quality safes that are waterproof, portable and even fire proof. Don’t take any chances leaving your valuables in some old box.

Paper items, such as certificates, bank documents or even currency, can wither away with time, if not stored properly. When it comes to preserving your valuables, you need the best and most secure safes that you can depend on. Our professional and skillful locksmiths will come directly to your location to install or repair your safe, and help you unlock it when needed. There are certain items that simply can’t be kept in a bank. We have all sorts of safes and vaults that can accompany your unique items and needs. Our wide selection of safes ranges from hotel safes, electronic safes, digital safes, wall safes, fireproof safes, and even gun safes.

Why Choose Greater Locksmith?

With crime rates on the rise, it has never been more important to properly secure your valuables with a proper safe or vault at your home or office. These devices are often used to secure the most valuable possessions in your life against theft or any other damage and can protect your valuables against burglars, environmental hazards or fires. Let us help keep your valuables safe. Don’t get stuck with a cheap safe that can leave your valuables damaged by Mother Nature or stolen by an experienced burglar. Our high quality safes are resistant against all types of environmental damages. There is nothing more reassuring than a good night’s sleep knowing your valuables are secure, and that’s our department. Its always better to have a great safe than to be sorry!