Data Safes Available at Greater Locksmith

What Are Data Safes?

Data safes are used to store CD’s, media, DVD’s, financial records, Microfilm, Microfiche, DLT tapes, LTO, optical disks and hard drive backup in any office. Data safes are invaluable if you have important information stored on disk or other media files. Your personal documentation is held securely and protected with the data safe. If you work from home, it’s absolutely essential that you consider investing a few dollars in a high quality data safe.

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In addition to keeping your media information safe from criminals, data safes are fire resistant. Computer information can get damaged easily. The walls and doors of the data safe incorporate layers of heat absorbing material, a fireproof insulating foam and a very strong steel casing. You won’t have to worry about losing critical information, since these particular safes can withstand fires and other disasters.

Data safes, much like high security safes, come in different shapes, sizes and prices. It all depends on the amount of storage you require. If you run a business from home, the chances are that you keep valuable accounting information and other personal assets, on a file. Hackers make their living by stealing valuable information from unsuspecting victims. That’s why you cannot afford to keep your personal media details in an open space. Data safes can provide you with the right protection for your business.

The drawback to these particular safes is that they are not cheap. Then again, you can’t afford the risk of leaving your documents out there. You should consult a certified locksmith and let them give you their full analysis on each data safe. Data safes vary by shelves, media drawers and lock options. You need to consider which specifications are right for you.

Why Choose Greater Locksmith?

When it comes to keeping your personal media files secured, we’ve got the solutions. At Greater Locksmith, we carry the most sophisticated technology, which is used inside our data safes. Our knowledgeable technicians will help you decide which specific model data safe is right for you and your budget.

We will be able to install any particular model you choose, 24/7. You can always contact our customer support line with any questions. We’ll be more than happy to assist you and provide you with a free estimation by phone. Give us a call today and let us keep your media files protected.

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