How to Buy a Safe

Some basic tips on how to buy safes

Before purchasing a safe Greater Locksmith recommend doing a quick online search and reading about the various types of safes the Toronto market has to offer. Indeed there  are endless types of safes out there. The first thing you should ask yourself is why do you need a safe? what would be its main purpose? What do you need to secure and store inside it?

Types of Safes

Fire proof safes: such safes are equipped with fire resistant features – insulation material, double metal wall designed to maintain a certain temperature. They are usually used to store flammable items such as paper money and important documents.

Anti theft/burglary safes: provide theft protection but are not necessarily fireproof, they are usually made of heavy duty doors that are cutting resistant, with a high security lock mechanism. There are safes out there that are both fireproof and designed for anti theft purposes.

Wall safes: as the name suggests, a wall safe is typically placed inside a wall framing and with appropriate camouflage to conceal it from view.  The closer the wall safe is placed to the ground the better it is for fire protection, since ground temperature is lower. A basement is regarded as the ideal place for storing a wall safe and.  Part of our Greater locksmith Toronto safe services includes safe installation, so when you purchase a wall safe through us we’ll take care of the entire installation work.

Floor safes: the idea behind floor safes is similar to wall safes, except that it is tucked underneath the floor for not only better security but provide better fire protection.

Other types of safes and vaults include:

Drop box safe: items can be easily dropped into the safe with no need to open the safe door

Electronic safe: the code can be entered digitally to open the door instead of having to use a key or turn the lock mechanism. Biometric safes: offer better security by using fingerprints to open and lock the safe.

Hotel Safes: A hotel safe is a must in every hotel room. Hotel guests always expect to have safe in their hotel room and this is considered a standard service at most hotels. So if you are a hotel owner, take care of your guests and be sure to purchase a hotel safe.

To choose the most suitable safe for your needs, our Greater Locksmith Toronto Safe experts can assist you with tips and advice. We also offer safe installation services, safe repair and troubleshooting. If you happen to forget the combination to your safe or have a lost safe key, we can come to your aid.

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