Car Key Making Services for Honda Cars

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Are you looking for fast and professional auto locksmith services in the Greater Toronto Area? We can help you find diverse car locksmith solutions to most auto brands, including Honda. If you happen to be in need for new car keys for your Honda, we can certainly help in no time. All you have to do is contact us and ask for top quality car key making services.

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In order to initiate the car key making process, you will be asked to provide some basic information about your Honda, including the year, make and model of the car. This is necessary so the car locksmith can determine whether or not they can cut the key and make sure they have the correct blank. Afterwards, the expert car locksmith will arrive at your location. Notice that this means that you can stay put and do not have to tow your car.

Once there, the technician will remove the cylinder from the lock on either the door or the trunk of the Honda. Generally, the cylinder features a special code which is used to determine the cut of the key. In this case, the technician will enter the code into a computer program which will then give the cut. Afterwards, the cut is programmed into the key cutting machine and the blank is actually cut.

In the case there is no code on the cylinder, the technician will take the cylinder apart and remove the wafers (which are similar to pins). The wafers feature numbers that indicate the depth of the cut. Typically, there are six to eight wafers. The car locksmith will then program the key cutting machine based on the depth of each cut as indicated by the number on the wafer.

Once the key has been cut, the technician will check and make sure it is working and the key making process will be complete. This is the case for regular keys.

However, if your key happens to be a transponder key, then the technician will need to program the key. This is done by plugging our computer into the car. Generally, the receiver is located under the steering wheel. The transponder key will then be programmed. Finally, the technician will test to make sure everything is working properly and hand over your new Honda key.

If you have any questions about car key making services for Honda cars, please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember, we are fully committed to 100% customer satisfaction, day or night!

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