Information About Wall Safes in Toronto

What Are In Wall Safes?

Wall safes are designed to keep valuables and documents hidden from plain sight. Wall safes are very useful in combating against burglars, since they are not visible to them. The average burglar spends less than 10 minutes inside a house. They will not spend precious time searching your entire house for a wall safe. You need to consult with a professional locksmith to first make sure that your beams and structure in your home can support the force of a wall safe. You want to choose selected areas in your home that a burglar would never guess to look. Try not to keep it behind a painting, since that is generally the first place a burglar would search for a wall safe. It all depends on the amount of valuables you wish to store.

A reliable locksmith will be able to drill the wall safe inside your home, and you can choose between an electronic safe or a combo safe. Electronic wall safes are usually more popular, and have easier access to them. The technician needs to measure the specific diameter and area where the drilling will begin. Once you’ve decided on an area, the technician should be able to install the specific wall safe. Fireproof wall safes are available, but it all depends on the thickness and sturdiness of your wall structure. The size of the wall safe will also depend on the thickness of your wall. A great benefit of having a wall safe, besides the high security level, is the inexpensive price. The average price for a wall safe begins at around $100, once again, depending on size, structure and specific requirements. A good locksmith company will help you out here.

Why Choose Us?

We carry a wide variety of wall safes at GTA Toronto. We’ll be able to help you decide on the specific requirements for your particular wall safe. You can also get a hold of us 24 hours a day, since we’re available for emergency situations as well. Our reliable locksmiths cover the entire Toronto area. All you have to do is simply pick up the phone, and get in touch with us. We’ll be able to give you a fair quote and estimation by phone as well. Wall safes are great for storing valuables, such as jewellery and documents, and the best part is that it remains hidden from plain sight. Get in touch with us today, and let us install the right wall safe that meets your budget and requirements.