Vault Doors Toronto

Information on Vault Doors in  Toronto

What Are Vault Doors?

Vault doors are large, heavy steel doors that function like a regular safe. They are most commonly found in safe rooms, storm shelters and panic rooms. Vault doors are equipped with a combination lock, relocking devices, and drill resistant hard plate. They are much more difficult to a burglar to pry open, since they are stronger in force. Ideally, the best time install the vault door is when your new home is being built and basement walls are being poured. Vault doors are much larger in size, but offer extremely secure protection to your valuables. Vault doors are most commonly used to store firearm collections, valuable antiques, and paintings. There are a few drawbacks when installing vault doors inside your home. Constructing a vault is a major task that is usually built around the same time a home is being constructed. The other major drawback is the price, which can set you back a few thousand dollars.

A vault that is slow to open or access is a vault you are less likely to use. Adding an electronic lock can make opening the vault door quicker and easier. Another helpful tip is to always check that the vault door you plan on buying has a UL approved Group 2 lock or better. The UL approved Group 2 lock ensures a higher level of security to your vault doors. Weight is a major factor when determining the base ability of a vault door to protect from burglary and fire. It’s extremely important that the vault door you choose has a continuous solid steel plate of substantial thickness. If a vault door is very heavy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the door carries a lot of solid steel. The weight can come from the concrete amalgamate alone. It’s always best to have a professional locksmith explain you the specific details between each unique set of vault doors.

Why Choose Us?

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