Mul-T-Lock high Security Locks

Mul-T-Lock Products at Competitive Prices In Greater Locksmith  Toronto

Mul-T-Lock has built an international reputation based on distinctive style, quality products, adaptation to changing market requirements and excellent customerservice.

Mul-T-Lock is really a fully owned selling unit of ASSA ABLOY, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of door opening solutions, with an annual turnover of more than $4 billion and more than 37,000 workers worldwide.

With a highly skilled workforce of more than 520, Mul-T-Lock’s factories are fully automated, using state-of-the-art technologies, including robotics and custom-designed machinery, the majority of which ismanufactured by Mul-T-Lock.The business sells its vast arsenal of field-proven, High Security solutions via its 10 selling units within the UK, US, France, Canada, the Czech Republic, Argentina, Turkey, Italy, Belgium and Africa and through a distribution network in nearly 100 countries. Over 100 million users are supported via the auspices of 25,000 service centers deployed worldwide.

There is only one name synonymous with high security locks, and that name is Mul-T-Lock. Northern Locksmith is proud to carry all Mul-T-Lock security products. Mul-T-Lock is known throughout the world as being the leading high security locks manufacturer. No matter what type of business or environment you’re at, you should always be well-protected. Hospitals, schools, large corporations, financial institutions, and construction companies trust their security with Mul-T-Lock made products. There’s a very good reason why Mul-T-Lock stands in a league of its own. Mul-T-Lock uses MT5 patented technology to keep millions of people safe each day. High security locks allow the maximum level of protection in any environment. No homeowner should take any risks with an old out-of-date lock system. Burglars prey on easy targets, with an average burglary occurring every couple of seconds. Choosing Mul-T-Lock made products gives a whole new meaning to the tem staying safe. From master lock systems to padlocks, no other brand comes remotely close to Mul-T-Lock. Northern Locksmith technicians will install any Mul-T-Lock product you choose on the spot.

Mul-T-Lock offers Electronic Door Solutions that are suitable for any home or business establishment. The ProQsimity® pushes your security level to the next dimension. It is the state-of-the-art access control system your home or office has been seeking. Its smart capabilities include authorizations, time schedules, event logs, instant cancellation of lost or stolen electronic cards. The ProQsimity® can fit onto any door, regardless of structure as well. Mul-T-Lock has an extensive inventory of security products that include CLIQ® high security electromechanical locking solutions. CLIQ® is extremely simple to operate and program, with features that will boost the overall level of security to any access control system. Web-based management allows you to control all the action from your PC or tablet. There is nothing more powerful than having a CLIQ® lock solution at the touch of your fingertips. As technology continues to evolve, so will the product inventory of Mul-T-Lock. When you’re looking to improve the quality of security in your home, it’s always a safe bet to choose Mul-T-Lock products. Mul-T-Lock offers you a sense of freedom like you’ve never felt before. With reinforced cylinder protection, the enhanced resistance will make a burglar’s life absolutely miserable. You should never take any chances with a cheap locking system. You won’t have to anymore with Mul-T-Lock!

The Winning Combination

Northern Locksmith is Toronto’s leading locksmith company, with years of experience installing all Mul-T-Lock systems and products. Northern Locksmith is a fully certified company that stays on call 24 hours a day to help out. We have a large portfolio of Fortune 500 companies we work with daily. We’re also proud to show you our satisfied client testimonials, which reflect upon our hard work. Get in touch with our friendly customer care department today, and let us replace the old locks with the Mul-T-Lock touch! Call us today for more details and a free estimation.