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Greater Locksmith wide range of security intercom services

Imagine the assurance of knowing who’s at your door before you open it. Add to that the ability to see as well as hear who is there. Used in place of the standard doorbell, an intercom system provides not only the advantage of knowing who’s there, but the peace of mind as well.
Greater Locksmiths 1-888-565-7595 specializes in intercom systems repair and installation for commercial and residential properties.

Greater Locksmith is:

  • A fully licensed, bonded and insured locksmith service provider
  • Available for service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • At you location night or day in no-time

Our security intercom services are available for replacement, installation and repair of all intercom systems,access control systems, buzzer systems, doorbell intercom systems and electronic access control systems.

Greater Locksmith intercom install or repair services include:

  • Intercom installElectronic access control systems
  • Doorbell intercom systems
  • Security intercom services
  • Buzzer systems
  • Access control systems

Greater  Locksmiths are available around the clock to professionally safeguard your home and office with our state of the art equipment. As a leading security and locksmith service provider, Greater Locksmith is committed to fair pricing and complete customer satisfaction.

We can ensure that your existing intercom systems wiring is working correctly and not set on the wrong voltage, and repair it if it is. Our intercom install services can be applied to doorbell intercom systems, buzzer systems and electronic access control systems.

So the next time you require intercom systems repair, think of Greater Locksmiths and we will be there to assist you with our expert security intercom services.

We’re sure you will become one of our many satisfied customers.

Greater Locksmith service locations include Toronto, London, Mississauga, Hamilton, Vaughan, Burlington, Ottawa and Calgary.

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