Complete Guide to Home Safes

Guide to Home Safes in Toronto

At this age when anybody can just break in to your home and steal everything that you’ve worked hard for, you have to improve your security systems big time. One of the most effective and perhaps the cheapest methods is to buy home safes.

What are the different kinds of home safes?

When shopping, check if you can find any of the following:

Wall Safes: These types of home safes can perfectly match the cavity of your brick wall, making them appear as if they’re really part of it. You also need to camouflage it, using the same paint or color as that of your wall. It usually comes with a double-fitted lock as well as a key that doesn’t come off unless the door is already properly closed.

Security Safes: These are the common home safes being used. They are flexible as they can be placed anywhere. The technique of finding the best one is going for that home safe that will allow you to come up with a billion combinations for your lock. This way, it becomes extremely difficult—if not, impossible—for intruders to open it. It is also made of stainless steel, so it doesn’t deteriorate immediately.

Floor Safes: These home safes can be tucked underneath the floors or your cabinets, making them as unnoticeable as possible to anyone. They can hold all kinds of valuables such as your money, jewelry, and important documents. It is also equipped with a very well-made safe lock.

Floorboard Safes: If you have suspended floors in your home, then the floorboard home safes will definitely be a very ideal choice. It can be attached between the floor joists. Normally, you can install this on your own. All you have to do is to remove a portion of your floorboard, where you are going to place the home safe, to reveal the joists. You can then mark the flanges and remove at least 1/8 inch of the wood atop the joists, place the safe, and return the floorboard.

Cupboard Safes: These home safes basically look like the cupboards in your kitchen. In fact, you can place them alongside your kitchen cabinets, and no one will surely suspect. When choosing, select for the one that matches the rest of your kitchen furniture.

How to Shop for Home Safes in Toronto

Even if there are different kinds of home safes, you still need to find the best ones. For a start, select those that are flock lined since it offers protection to your contents. It will be excellent if the safes are also fire and water proof, to avoid damaging the valuables they contain if natural disasters occur. You can do a DIY safe, but if you want to be sure of its durability and proper installation, look for a home safe expert.

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