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Greater Locksmith Offers Wide Variety of Door Knobs

Greater Locksmith offers a wide variety of door knobs in the greater Toronto area. We have virtually any door knob you may need. Our security products are well known for their excellent quality.

Greater Locksmith tips on how to buy door knobs:

  • Think about where in your home/ office you want the doorknob installed (interior doors? exterior doors? bathroom doors?)
  • Decide what door style you want (a standard round knob? a lever-type knob? a thumb latch?)
  • Who will be using the doorknob? Children, handicapped people and persons with full hands will appreciate a lever-type knob that is easier to open.
  • Put a privacy lock on bathroom doors and maybe on bedroom doors. This is the type that locks from one side with a button or thumb turn.
  • Don’t forget to use keyed locking doorknobs on all exterior doors.

Greater Locksmith is a certified and bonded locksmith company providing the most competitive prices and top notch lock & key technologies in the GTA.

Feel free to call us at any time at: 1-888-565-7595 or visit our store in 3524 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON. M6A 2C6.