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What Are Depository Safes?

Depository safes are known as drop safes and are used for short term storage of valuables, until a bank deposit can be made. These safes also provide certain burglary resistance. They have access portals to deposit cash, important documents and jewelry. Drop safes are ideal for convenience stores, small businesses, restaurants, pawn shops, hotels, motels and non-profit organizations. Whether you run a medium-sized business or a smaller one, you should definitely have a depository safe in your office.

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Drop safes are typically inexpensive. The average price usually begins at $100 or so. Depository safes come with dual keys, one for the manager and the second is the guard key. Extra keys are available upon your request, but it is recommended to keep them limited and available exclusively to trusted people. Both keys must be present in order to open the safe. The idea behind the dual key option is to make sure that the trusted person opening the safe, is the only one besides you that has access to the safe. In case anything is missing from the drop safe, it is obvious who should be held responsible.

Make sure you consult a professional locksmith before making any final arrangements. Everything revolves around trust and it all begins by choosing the right locksmith to safely install a high quality drop safe.

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