Complete Guide to Master Keys

Complete Guide to Master Keys

All you need to know about master keys

A master key is a key which opens a group of locks designed to match it. As its name suggests its advantages are many, It is designed to operate multiple locks in a given lock code series. By adding additional features it can also be used to remove the lock plug. The risk is, a master key takes some of the security away from the lock, so be very sure before thinking of master keying.

The way master key works:

Master keying is same as the concept of keying any lock. A lock is a combination of a two sets of pins and a spring in each chamber or each cut. Among the two the top one is usually always the same size as the others in any given lock; the bottom pin is determined by the cut of the key you want to enable to operate the lock.

Master keying is enabling a second key including the first one. Master keying is a tricky process here it requires to pin the locks for the first key and then to the second one.

Master keying is not a job of layman and it always requires a skilled locksmith professional to accomplish it without much headache and mess. Installing a master key system is always advantageous, it not only helps in setting up a most controlled and ordered logical keying system but provides a smooth handling against an individual key for individual doors of every single type and make.

While planning a master key system with your locksmith professional never forget to take in to account the larger structure of your business and a level of security control.

The system is very useful and is not restricted to the larger business only; it is also available for the large size of houses which requires added security with no botheration of great amount of keys.

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